Mystery Writing: Research

One of the reasons I know why changing from science fiction to mystery writing has absolutely been the right decision for me is because I am doing my best to be my best.

This also brings home how not-right science fiction and fantasy were for me as genres to write in professionally. I will still do so on a personal basis because I simply love letting my imagination run wild, but when it comes to being serious about my craft, mystery writing is already proving to be next level for me.

This past week, I’ve been watching and reading mystery stories and studying them. With notepad and pen I sat down to follow along their stories, how the plot developed, the characters behaved and how the clues and red herrings were placed among the timeline. My utter enjoyment of this has been the ultimate proof for me that I’m at last on the right path when it comes to chosing my genre.

Now it comes down to using the puzzle I also put together this week and seeing if the end result will be worthy of being read by you!

More on that next week!

x Sandra


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