Holiday Card Exchange

The exchange is now closed and those who joined have received the details! x


It’s been a crazy year and since the holidays will be different for so many of us, I was thinking that perhaps to put a smile on each other’s faces we could do a holiday card exchange!

It’s quite simple: you provide me with your details (I will see them but I won’t share them with anyone but your card buddy) and early next week I will link your name to someone else who signed up after which you send each other a holiday postcard (or letter) and hopefully feel some shared joy over your cards!

💙 Open to all! So be aware you might need to send your card abroad! (Which does mean some cards may arrive a little late!)

💜 If you would like to participate and send and receive a card, send me your name + address via the contact form below (or via DM on my socials).

💚 If you cannot afford to send a card, please do still sign up! You all deserve a card!

💛 I will leave it open over the weekend so you can sign up while looking for a card to send.

🧡 Early next week you will receive your card buddy’s name and address from me. Try to send your card next week also and make someone smile!

❤️ Please repost and share so as many humans as possible can participate!🤝

💚 If you feel shy or anxious: this is all for a smile, nothing more nothing less, all is good😊

I don’t need to tell you to be decent and kind with your cards, right? Nah, you’re all good humans!

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, don’t hesitate to throw me a message, wherever!

Let’s go send some cards to each other!

x Sandra

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