Name Change: From Pseudonym to the Real Deal

A big change! I’m no longer using a pseudonym! There are a couple of reasons for this, but the most important one is that I no longer want to hide my true self behind a fake name.

Life has been full of change this past year and a half and throughout it I needed a pseudonym to hide behind while I grew as a person and as a writer. But I no longer need to hide. I no longer want to hide. And with that comes me owning who I am. So I’ve changed my pen name to my real name. It’s scary, to completely show myself online and embrace all of the woman that I am, but I know it’s the next step in my journey.

So here goes: hi, I am Sandra Postma! I’m afraid London was never my real name. Postma is my actual last name, my Dutch last name.

I still listen to Sandra London though, not in the least because all of my past written pieces will continue to have that name attached to them. Those links will keep working!

But going forward, you will see a slightly different name at the top of this website. Beyond that, nothing much changes. Except that I have!

x Sandra


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