Today is an incredibly exciting but also scary day for me. Because today I am launching a fundraiser in partnership with CrowdChange and Open Medicine Foundation to raise money for research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)!

That’s right! I’m organising a fundraiser!

This month means 20 years of living with ME/CFS for me. To find out more about what kind of illness ME/CFS is, read my post ‘What is ME/CFS?’.

To mark this sad occasion I wanted to do something positive and that became this fundraiser.

So for the coming month I will be sharing daily pics and captions of my daily life with ME on my Instagram in the hope that people will see that it is a lot more than ‘just being tired’ and will want to help raise money for research that will hopefully help find a treatment or even a cure for this disease.

Of course this means I will need YOUR help. Whether that is via a donation or through sharing my fundraiser is completely up to you and your situation! Either is so appreciated! Because next to money, we also need as much awareness around this illness as we can get.

But first let me tell you about the organisations I’m partnering with. First of all, the Open Medicine Foundation, the organisation for which I am raising the money. Here is a little on OMF in their own words: “Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) envisions improved health care for patients suffering from chronic complex diseases. OMF leads the largest worldwide non-profit effort to diagnose, treat, and  prevent ME/CFS and related chronic, complex diseases such as Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia and Long Covid. OMF adds urgency to the search for answers by driving philanthropy and investments into global research. We have raised over $28 Million from private donors, and facilitated and funded the establishment of five prestigious ME/CFS Collaborative Research Centers.”

As you will understand, I have followed the work of OMF for years and have been impressed with – and so thankful for – their results for so long. I would love to help them get even more results and I hope you will too.

To do so, you can donate money via my fundraising page on CrowdChange. CrowdChange is the perfect crowdfunding page, because ALL of the money raised goes to OMF. They don’t ask for a fee (except the bank transfer one). The WHOLE amount goes to OMF! Every penny you give. Each one. Straight to OMF! Whoop!

Just to reiterate again why I am doing this: ME/CFS is a debilitating illness. So many are so much sicker than I and if we want to finally find a biological cause for it, or a treatment or cure for us all, we need more scientific research into and awareness of our illness. And that’s dependent on FUNDING, because there is obviously still a massive lack of it. OMF is a great source for research on my illness and I would love to help them raise a little more funds for the research that I and so many with me so desperately need.

So, again, during the coming month I will be sharing daily pics and captions on my daily life with ME on my Instagram. I’ll also post some content here.

Together we can end ME/CFS and give those who live with it a much more fulfilling life.

DONATE HERE or share via the buttons below.

Thank you so much!

Love, Sandra


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