Today is May 12 and that means it is ME/CFS Awareness Day! This also means it is the last day of my fundraiser to raise money for Open Medicine Foundation which funds research into this still so often misunderstood but so very debilitating condition.

Want know more about ME/CFS? Check out my earlier blog on myalgic encephalomyelitis, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

My goal for this fundraiser has not merely been raising money; I also feel strongly about raising awareness about life with chronic and invisible illness. Having experienced damaging crudeness due to incomprehension or a lack of empathy and compassion (more on the importance I put in those virtues here in a blog I wrote on it), I try to share about my life as a way to instill understanding and empathy in those unfamiliar with the reality of chronic illness.

The future for those suffering from ME is looking brighter though. More research is being done than ever before by scientists all over the world and with each study a little piece of the puzzle is found. However to get even more pieces, or even the whole puzzle, so much more research needs to be done. That’s where Open Medicine Foundation comes in. They fund the research patients need. And you can still help today!

If you would like to and are able to, you can DONATE HERE. Want to help but can’t spare the pennies? You can still share this fundraiser or read up on chronic illness and how it impacts lives. The fundraiser may end tomorrow, but we still live with the condition every day. Finding more empathy in those around us can still make a world of difference while we wait for a cure.

Much love,

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