As you can see, I have done a redesign of this website! Now with a homepage for easier navigation to articles (or so I hope). Check out my homepage here or by clicking ‘Home’ in the menu section or my name at the top.

Have you seen the pages I created? One is for the fundraiser I organised for research into ME/CFS, with pieces on the illness, why I raised money for Open Medicine Foundation and an interview they did with me about life with the condition.

Another page is dedicated to The Rosa Rivera Mysteries book that I am currently writing. I may have included a little teaser about the plot of the book and my main protagonist Rosa… Curious? Click here to see it! I will be adding more pieces to the page soon as I continue my edit and my teasing of the story.

You can still contact me via this page and read more about me there too.

I have divided up my written pieces, into ‘on life‘ and ‘on writing‘. You can also access them in the menu above!

My short stories are also still accessible via the ‘fiction‘ link on my homepage or by clicking here!

As always, you can still sign up at the bottom of the page with your email to receive new pieces I have written straight into your inbox!

Let me know in the comments what you think of the new look and of the teaser of my book!

x Sandra

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